Orleans (1918-1994)
Painter, sculptor,
illustrator and poet
Eponymous places  

                 Places bearing the name of Roger Toulouse
                                   in the Loiret department

·        Orleans


- Roger Toulouse Nursery School, 28 rue Stanislas Julien.


7th of October 1995 : baptism of the Roger Toulouse Nursery School
by Jean-Pierre Sueur, mayor of Orleans, in the presence of Marguerite Toulouse

                                 - Roger Toulouse Street : new street created in Orleans,
                                 in the old Sonis military district, boulevard de Chateaudun.




- Roger Toulouse Room

Inaugurated the 15th of November 2006, inside the University Teacher Training Faculty of Orleans-Tours School District, 72 faubourg Bourgogne. 

Fully restored, this old classroom in which Roger Toulouse taught Visual Arts at the Ecole Normale for Teachers in Orleans, from 1947 to 1979, is now a meeting room for the Academy Governing Body.





- Roger Toulouse Street


27th of January 2001: inauguration of Roger Toulouse Street
by Christophe Caillou, mayor of Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle,
in the presence of Marguerite Toulouse and Augustin Cornu,
Orleans deputy mayor in charge of culture




·        Saint-Pryvé Saint-Mesmin


- Salle Roger Toulouse Room, exhibition and meeting room inside the Cultural Center Léo Lagrange.


·        Saran


- Roger Toulouse Alley.


·        Semoy


- Roger Toulouse Room, inside the Cultural Center Les Hautes Bordes.



9th of april 2003 : inauguration of Roger Toulouse Alley by Michel Guérin, mayor of Saran, in the presence of Marguerite Toulouse


15th of november 2006 : inauguration of Roger Toulouse Room by Jacques Durand, director of University Teacher Training Faculty, in the presence of Bénédicte Maréchal, Orleans deputy mayor, in charge of Education.



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