Orleans (1918-1994)
Painter, sculptor,
illustrator and poet
Who are we ?

The Friends of Roger TOULOUSE

(Association loi de 1901 - Siège social : musée des Beaux-Arts d’Orléans)


Essential painter of the 20th century, Roger Toulouse devoted his life to his work, living it to the fullest, regardless of its promotion. 

The Association "The Friends of Roger Toulouse" was created to keep alive the artist memory and its original creation, to make it known and appreciated by a large audience, also to make it recognised among the most important of modern art. 


The missions of the association are the following : 

- publish each year a review which will, thanks to published articles and documents, gather together a circle of friends involved in an in-depth study of the work of Roger TOULOUSE ;
- organise events to present, make known and recognised the work of the artist ;
- watch over and participate to the good preservation of the work (paintings and sculptures) ;
- search and list the unidentified pieces ;
- gather articles, documents and letters from or about Roger TOULOUSE ;
- publish or republish whatever concerns the artist and his work. 

The Friends of Roger TOULOUSE need help from everyone : critics, collectors, patrons…
If you knew and liked Roger TOULOUSE, if his work moves you, surprises you, questions you, if you want to try to touch the sense of this creation, there is a place for you in the friendly circle of our members.

Be welcomed!

The Friends  
of Roger Toulouse



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